The 5 Keys

The children know this as a way of thinking; coming to school in a positive frame of mind knowing:

  • They do ‘get along' with others
  • They are 'organised' for school
  • They have 'confidence' they will succeed
  • Through 'persisting’ they will get things done
  • And when they have things that go wrong, they are 'resilient' and know that it will improve.
Positive Behaviours for learning


Raise your hand to answer a difficult question Having a go Asking the teacher to explain something again if you don’t understand


Staying on task and not being distracted by others Have a go at difficult work rather than skipping Ask someone for help rather than giving up


Have everything ready before each lesson Get straight into your work so you can finish tasks on time Setting yourself goals

Getting along

Take turns and listen to others when working Listen when someone else is talking Sharing ideas with everyone else and respecting the ideas from others


Not getting upset when you make a mistake Getting back on with the job after you make a mistake Stay calm when you don’t understand what the teacher is explaining

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Our school's Vision:

To enastrongle all students to develop academic and social skills that promote successful attitudes and relationships that inspire them to create their own pathways to the future.

Mission Statement:

Magpie Primary School will provide a positive, inclusive and safe environment filled with rich learning experiences that foster a sense of strongelonging and self fulfillment.

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