Magpie Gully PS No 415 was established in 1857 and re-named as Magpie PS No 2271 in 1892. The historic red brick building was completed in May 1880 and from 1986 classrooms were entirely comprised of relocatable buildings. In May 2011 the school was almost completely refurbished with new classrooms, new toilets and completion of the upgrade to the 131 year old administration building. This time marks a renewal of the school and a significant opportunity for the broader Magpie community to be served by a modern school that caters for the latest innovations in pedagogical approaches that foster independent student learning. The open design will allow all children to become intrinsically aware of how they will become lifelong learners in the Twenty-first Century. The structure and design of the expansive grounds is enhanced by the outdoor learning options using a variety of courtyards and specialised environments.

The school has established a strong staff team that has developed a reputation for a positive approach to working with students and is reaping the benefit of strong connections between parents, students and the school. Attitudes to the school register high on all data sets and student learning outcomes are solid but show a clear need for improvement in some key learning areas.

The emphasis of Magpie Primary School will be clearly on student learning outcomes in the period of this Strategic Plan. The community has declared a focus for the school to be on core curriculum areas with additional emphasis on the arts, health and fitness as well as the natural environment. Children should be literate and numerate but also enjoy a creative childhood that builds good health and an awareness of the local and broader world.

In 2012, the schools wellbeing approach was significantly reviewed. This review coincided with the move into the new school facility. The school adopted a positive school approach which focuses on the recognition of positive learning and behaviour. This approach has led to a feeling of wellbeing and connections to the school community.

Magpie Primary School follows a focus and direction statement with the core values being Literacy, Numeracy. The additional focus is on the Arts as well as health and PE.  During 2015, an art shed was built to add to our already strong arts program.

The school continues to be involved at a sporting level within the Wathaurung sports group and collegially with the Moorabool Group. Both of these structures represent small schools and strong mutually supportive elements exist

Currently, Magpie PS is a small school with approximately 90 students. The school is located approximately 5 kilometers south of Ballarat. 

Magpie Primary School aims to provide a nurturing and challenging environment that promotes an enthusiasm for learning and prepares individuals to become reflective and valued members of society. The school and community have a rich and proud history, yet still today offer a diverse and 21st century curriculum and learning environment.

The key focus of the school is on literacy and numeracy but the school also offers the following specialist subjects on a weekly basis: PE/Health, Arts, Drama, LOTE (Auslan), ICT, Science, Indigenous Studies and SOSE. The use of technology in our classrooms is used to enhance students learning. All classrooms have Apple TV’s, computers and iPads.