Class rolls are kept in accordance with Departmental Policy. A written explanation is required whenever a student has been absent or parents can send a message via our school app Compass. If a student is going to be late to school or absent it would be appreciated if a phone call could be made to the General Office or via the school app Compass. If a child is likely to be absent from school for a prolonged period please contact the office who will communicate this to the class teacher who may suggest activities for the child to complete during the absence.

Unexplained absences will be followed up by the school. Children are not permitted to leave the school or playground during the school hours (8.45am-3.10pm) without permission from the Principal and a note from their parents. Parents/Carers must visit the General Office before collecting them from the classroom. If children are late to school they must be signed in at the office.

Communication between school and home is highly valued. Parents are asked to make an appointment through the office for any discussion with the Principal or teachers. An appointment will be arranged at the earliest possible time and attention will be given immediately to urgent issues.

Please ensure children arrive at school between 8.45am and in time to commence lessons at 9.00am. A late arrival is very disruptive and often your child will miss important announcements. Staff begin supervision of the playground at 8:45am. Students attending breakfast club may arrive from 8:15am but must remain in breakfast club until 8:45am

A whole school assembly is held fortnightly on Thursday at 2:40pm. These assemblies include reports from students, awards and weekly announcements. Whole-school gatherings create a cohesive school community and maintain a heightened school spirit. Parents are encouraged to attend.

Contact numbers and addresses need to be kept up to date with the General Office. Children can be distressed unnecessarily when sickness or illness occurs and the contact number is out of date.

Magpie PS runs a canteen each Thursday of the term. Parents must log into the schools canteen app (QKR) where they can order and pay for their students lunch order. No lunch order can be made directly to the school, it must be through the school app.

Emergency Drills are necessary for the safety of all those within the building and will be conducted every term to ensure all are familiar with the routine. Please obey all procedures if visiting the school during an evacuation.

The role of technology within schools plays an important part in a student’s learning. Magpie PS has a 1:1 ratio Computer System for the senior section of the school and a 1:2 ratio of the junior section of the school. All classrooms also have a class set of IPad. Greater information around our Digital Technology can be located on our website under policies.

Magpie PS doesn’t set structured homework program for students, but students are expected to practice their reading, maths and spelling throughout the week.

Each morning at 10am students will have the opportunity to go to their bag and bring a piece of fruit back to their table to eat. We encourage all parents to pack a piece of fruit for their child each day. Fruit Snack is an important part of the day as it meets the nutrient demands of their growing bodies and brains. Nutrition and academic performance are linked. Healthy snacking provides your child’s brain with the nutrients it needs, and missing out on healthy snacks can negatively affect school performance.

Educational excursions including camps are regarded as an integral part of the learning process and a fundamental part of children’s education. They provide experiences which stimulate curiosity and create springboards for further learning. Children are expected to participate as excursions are not isolated learning experiences. Excursions are paid for in a levy at the commencement of the school year, saving parents from having to fund individual amounts during the year. Written advice on excursions will be given to parents. If you have difficulty meeting the cost please contact the Principal to discuss your position.

Classes commence at 9:00am and conclude at 3.10pm. Recess is from 11.00am-11.30am. Lunch is from 1.30pm-2.00pm. All students eat their lunch in the multi together.

Please inform the front office staff when students are moving interstate or transferring to another school. Teachers should also be informed with plenty of notice so that they can prepare transfer information for the new school.

Each student that attends Magpie PS will be placed in a house group. The house system is used at interschool sporting events and other special activities hosted by the school.

The three house groups within our school are:

  • Docwra – Red
  • Scorer – Blue
  • Frenchman – Yellow

We do encourage, when we conduct “House Events” that students try and use their “House Colour”. If students don’t have these colours, the school will be able to provide them a coloured bib.

Teachers at Magpie Ps meet each Monday and Tuesday from 3:30pm – 4:45pm. Unfortunately, teachers will not be able to meet with parents on these nights. Parents can contact the office to arrange another night to meet with teachers.

It is important that sick children are kept at home for their own comfort as well as the comfort of other children and staff. If a child becomes ill or is injured at school appropriate First Aid will be given and if necessary parents will be notified and asked to take their child home. If emergency treatment is required parents will be notified immediately and the child will be transferred by ambulance to hospital. In such cases ambulance services and treatment are at the parent’s expense.

If medicine is to be taken at school it must be given to the General Office with WRITTEN instructions. All students who have an ongoing condition (eg asthma, diabetes, epilepsy) must have a treatment plan completed by parents and their GP and lodged at the school.

If a child is to take a prescription medicine while at school, written directions and medicine must be left with office staff. Information on a child’s health status eg epilepsy, diabetes, should be given on enrolment or on diagnosis. If the health problem is serious please provide an up to date photograph of the child so it can be placed on our staffroom Medical Alert board.

The School Newsletter is produced fortnightly. Information includes school events, calendar dates and educational research on current issues. The newsletter will be emailed to families, school website or can be accessed from Compass (school app.)

Magpie PS is always looking for parents to be involved in our school community. Some of the activities that parents can be involved in (but not limited to) are:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Specialist Programs
  • Sport Days
  • House Events
  • Incursions & Excursions
  • Breakfast Club

If parents would like to be involved, please arrange a time to meet with the Principal to discuss.

Magpie PS has 3 sections of the school that families may park when picking up their students. They are:

  • Front of school
  • School car park
  • Around top oval

Families are required to following all parking signs.

Please mark clearly your child’s name on all personal belongings including clothing. Unclaimed belongings are kept in the Lost Property area and may be checked at any time. Items remaining at the end of each term are sorted – named items are returned to the children concerned and the remainder donated to charity.

All permission notes for activities outside the school must be returned to the school signed by a parent/carer. Students cannot attend an excursion without a signed permission note.

Students are expected to know and remain in playground areas. Students should arrive at 8.45am ready for school to start at 9.00am. Staff are on duty from 8.45am in classrooms preparing for lessons. Between 8.30am and 8.45am there is no teacher on outside duty. Students are requested to seek the assistance of the Principal or another teacher if they have concerns regarding the playground. The playground is supervised by the teaching staff before school, each recess, at lunchtime and after school. During wet weather students are supervised within the school buildings.

Magpie Primary School believes that communicating student achievement in the most effective way possible is essential. Our aim is to develop a partnership between teachers, parents and students to ensure reporting is timely, accessible and informative.

Written reports are provided at the end of term 2 and term 4. Formal, face to face interviews are available after term 2 reports have been sent home and teachers may request interviews with parents as required after the interim reports. Interviews or appointments may occur at other times at the discretion of parents and teachers. Students are expected to attend the interviews with their parents.

All School Policies are prepared by members of staff before being presented to School Council for review. Consultation with parents, teachers and students occurs prior to this with the Education Sub Committee taking the leading role in policy development. All policies are developed as per DET Guidelines and articulate the Magpie Primary School implementation of the focus. All current policies are available for view from the Magpie PS website.

Individual and class photographs are taken each year. Arrangements can be made to have family photographs taken. This is through an independent contractor and not related to school fees/levies.

9am – Start of School

9am – 11am – Morning session

11am – 11:30am – Recess

11:30am – 1:30pm – Middle session

1:30pm – 2pm – Lunch

2pm – 3pm – Afternoon session

3pm – 3:10pm – Community Jobs

3:10pm – Home time

School Banking is each Friday. Prior to being involved in the School Banking Program, parents must open a bank account in their child/ren name.

The cost of school fees per child is:

  • Senior School (3-6) –  $350
  • Junior School (P-2) – $300

School fees must be paid by the first day of the new school year. If this isn’t possible, a payment plan must be put in place. Failure to adhere to these payment arrangement will result in your child/ren not receiving their booklist on day one.

The School Council allows collaboration between parents and staff in decision-making processes.

School Council members include seven parents (one being the President), up to four teachers and the Principal.

School Council meets at least 8 times each year with meetings held on Tuesdays at 5pm {except during vacation periods}. Staggered two-year terms ensure continuity in the Council’s work. The School Council encourages communication between the school and its community in determining the school’s budget, curriculum and education policies as well as its many needs in relation to buildings, facilities, equipment, funds and staff.

Parents are welcome to attend any School Council Meeting and elected community members of the School Council can be contacted about school matters.

As a school, we dedicate one hour per week to teaching our students about Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships.

We encourage all students to uphold our school values, and treat others with kindness.

Magpie Primary School has a Chaplain available to support students. Students must have consent to be able to work with the Chaplain.

The following are the school 5 keys:

  • Confidence
  • Getting Along
  • Organisation
  • Persistence
  • Resilience

Greater information about our school keys/values can be found on our website.

School Council

Magpie PS provide the students attending our school with the opportunity to apply for the following Leadership Positions:

  • School Captain
  • Grade 5/6 Student Leader
  • Grade 4/5 Student Leader
  • Grade 2/3 Student Leader
  • Grade 1 Student Leader
  • Sports Captain
  • House Captain Frenchman
  • House captain Scorer
  • House Captain Docwra